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The Story By The light Eyed Girl

Read below what the bloggers say about FKPERFUMES

The days when we sprayed a bit of perfume in the morning and got compliments all day almost seem impossible today… When I put on a really nice perfume I love myself for choosing such an amazing fragrance and spending so much money and using it everyday but as the day begins, before I reach my work place, the only thing one can possible smell on me is evident perspiration. Now, I may be an exception, maybe its not everyone’s scenario but the fact remains that Mumbai’s climate or even the average lifestyle doesn’t let you have a happily ever after with your perfumes. At the same time deodorants are not even close to what we want and barely serve their purpose.. [Deodorants don’t work well in humid climates where the amount of perspiration is too high. example – Mumbai… thus no point using any unless you have the luxury of air conditioning]

               But recently a game changer has entered the market of perfumery, viz., Pocket Perfumes! Does two things – 1. Have a rich smell since they have more essential oil than alcohol, 2. Unlike deodorants, they stay for longer duration! So for over a week I have been using pocket perfumes and am very excited to share my amazing experience here..

                 While a lot of deodorant brands are coming up with their own pocket perfumes [Lets use abbreviation “PP”],  the fragrances remain to be immature and unsuitable for fragrance lovers who are habituated to using perfumes now. Most of the people who use perfumes have their specific brands of like and dislike and therefore have a hard time switching to pocket perfumes, since not all good perfume brands have started their own PP. I came across The FK Perfumes, who have a large variety of PP inspired by famous fragrances.

“I tried three of their hot selling perfumes and I’m giving their description below:”

This PP inspired by Lady Million offers a seductive blend of raspberries that tickles your fancy in the top notes. The heart of flower petals flourish with elegant jasmine and orange blossom, placed on the base of cashmerean and neroli essence and that leave a provocative and heady trail.

 Versace Vanitas inspired PP is a fresh composition of choice flowers which make this floral perfume a classic addition to your collection. The perfume opens your senses to the refreshing burst of lime top notes which are reminiscent of glorious summers. At the core is a delightfully sweet mix of tiare flower and freesia for a breezy, mellow fragrance. With a tantalizing trail of tonka bean and woody cedar accords, this perfume speaks of an edgy, sensual appeal. These fragrance notes interact beautifully to give the perfume a quintessentially feminine charm. This light composition is perfect for routine use and is best suited for day-wear during warm days.

The PP inspired by Gucci Flora is my favorite pick! It is a fruity- floral yet earthy fragrance. Top notes introduce citruses and peony, a heart is enriched with rose and osmanthus (Chinese flower which enchants with fruity-floral aromas with leather notes), while base notes encompass patchouli and sandalwood.

The FK Perfumes have over 200 fragrances on their website and they have described their fragrances under every product in fine detail for you to understand before you place your order. They use good quality essential oils which provides the PP long lasting and constant fragrance. They deliver all across India [Free if you do online payment], they also have cash on delivery option. They have recently launched Cream perfumes which look rather promising! Their products are truly luxury in a pocket!